Your Goddess
High of Findom - Green Stroke
High of Findom - Green Stroke

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Well, I know how much you are addicted to Findom and yes, I will use your weakness.. !! So much hot teasing make you pay and mindless !!!.. Every tribute makes you even hornier... You pay for your horniness !!.. What else will you do ? I know one more of your addictions... you´ll take your bottle and sniff deep !! I break your account while you are high !! .. It´s so easy to mesmerize you.. and I know I make you hot if I fuck your wallet !!! You stroke if you see the green color... Green means for you to stroke your dick !! Your paydick !!! If there is no green color you stop !! Do it again and again... don´t stop !!... You need it hard.. you spend hard !!! Satisfy my greed !!! Stroke your paydick !!!