Your Goddess

About me


I am a very nice, tolerant, open and understanding person ... a strong and confident woman who knows exactly what she wants and how she gets it. Do I need to bend for a "slave" and do whatever he wants, just so he stays with me and pays? Hehe ... NO !! My world, my rules !!! Your purpose in life is to satisfy a woman with all your means (money) and to expose everything she wants, as she is an unreachable deity for you? - Yes? Then you are welcome to contact me !! If you are looking for a typical femdom with a whip in your hand and a more masculine look, then keep looking ... I can be strict when I want it, but I love to play a lot more and to manipulate the brain properly !!! My fetish is not really the money fetish .. no .. I prefer to make a man so addictive, to control his brain completely and to turn his back on his will, so that he only does what I ask him to do !! YES, I think that damn cool and I use that almost perfectly! Not for nothing I am said to break any taboos of my slaves again and again. Well, if you really dare to contact me and you want to introduce yourself as a true slave, then do not come with empty hands !! A slave has to subordinate and has always a little attention for the mistress ready! Otherwise you do not need to call yourself a slave .. !!