Your Goddess
BM - Do not open the door
BM - Do not open the door

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Everyone knows blackmai-fantasy is dangerous, but many people still want it !! Also you !! We speak about this subject and you feel weak.. is this normal ? What makes blackmail-fantasy so interesting ? Why are you and the others so curious ?? One time BM everytime BM !!... You never know what will happen... but this makes you hot !! You alway have to touch your little dick because you can´t resist !!.. Is it only in your imagination or is it already real and you lost your control ??.. You know, momy and d4ddy always tell their boys and girls "Do not open the door!!" ... Would you open it ??.. If someone knocks at the door all the time.. ?? Maybe it is only the nice lady next door...?? Or is it something evil.....You open the door.....