Your Goddess
Merciless Findom Birthday Drain
Merciless Findom Birthday Drain

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If I care about your life ? Hahahahaha, of course not !! Do I want this weekend to drain your account until there is nothing? Oh YESSSS !!! This weekend is my birthday and I don´t care for what you need your money, you have to spend it on me !! I take your last dollars and let you fall into the financial ruin-fantasy !! You have to learn to love to be in debts !! Because you falled for me !! You did it for me !!! Do you know what ? This weekend will cost you very much and you become homeless !!...My birthday drain is expensive !!! And I chose you fucking Loser to satisfy my greed !!! Every single payment to me makes you hard and you don´t want to stop !! I am a bratty findom and I don´t care about you !!! I take only care about myself !! You have to serve me with all your money !!... And if you really think you´ve got the permission to cum after all these tributes, you are wrong !!! It´s the end of September and October starts - what does that mean ??? Loctober !!!! You stay in chastity with all your horniness !!! I drain you for the next weeks until you live on street for me !!!