Your Goddess
New Year - New Project for financial Ruin
New Year - New Project for financial Ruin

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Happy new Year Losers !!! Everyone of us has new plans and projects for a new year but not everyone is strong enough to change something in his life... I am strong !!! I show you your new life !! I help you to change everything and to make your deepest secrets true !!.. You are afraid? Don´t worry, if you try to stay away I already know what to do with you !! I break your bank account every single month and if you don´t want it, I make you pay !! Blackmail-Fantasy is one of your deepest and hottest secrets !! This year you are my victim !! No withdrawl !!.. Now it´s time to change everything !! I promise you a financial fuckover every month !!! Full control and destroyed brain !! My sexy curves fuck your brain, my big tits, my great ass, my sexy nylon legs and feet and my beautiful face !! At the end of 2021 you fall into your financial ruin and you will lose everything !!! Your darkest wish... make it happen !!!