Your Goddess
New Years Surprise - Your Slavery
New Years Surprise - Your Slavery

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New year, new month, new tasks !! You worship me for years and you can´t get enough of me, so it is now time to change something in your life. I´ve got a little surprise... you can be my servant !! Oh it is so easy, and yes I know you are scared but really - who cares??? You just have to start !!! Show me how much you need me, how much you want me... show me how you change your life for me !! Forget yourself and satisfy me !! If you didn´t learn it last year you will learn it now !! Forget everything around you and worship only me ! Give me your money, give me your soul !! Let me destroy your mind and fuck your brain completely !! You stroke I know, you can´t stop with edging .. It is so hot but also dangerous !!!