Your Goddess
Selfcontrol Destruction
Selfcontrol Destruction

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I have you down on your knees and now you are still begging for more !! You can´t stop thinking about me, you can´t stop all these thoughts !! I am deep in your head !! Your biggest addiction and your biggest weakness .. That´s me !! I break you, I take control of you and change your life !! Nothing will be the same again.. everything will change into a new life controlling by me ..!! You give me your best to my feet, you do what ever I want and you won´t say anytime "No" to me.. You want to be my property .. my victim !! Changing your boring life into an exciting life with danger, fear and never ending horniness.. I fuck your brain !! Everything in your life !! You worship me, your Queen, your Goddess !! You give me your life into my hands... you sign it up.. No way back !!!!