Your Goddess
I make you Loser pay
I make you Loser pay

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You are a pathetic Loser with an ugly face... !! But you want to get my attention !.. Hahahah... Really you are not even better than dirt !! Grab your little dick because in this clip I will show you why you have to pay !!! Why Losers always have to pay !!! Humiliation is the only thing what you can get and deserve !!! Your place is under my heels because you have to lick my soles !!!.. I break all your limits, you are my property !!! Brainfucked and mindless.... You live in a never ending cycle... Accept it, bitch !!! What ever you will do in your life, you will always be a Loser !!! LOSER !!! And now watch my clip on your knees, shut the fuck up and tribute me !!!